SSL Converter

SSL Certificate may be generated in the format which is not matched your server compatible. Here you can convert your current SSL Certificate format to the compatible format and install on your server.

Formats of SSL Certificate

    - .pem , This format is used for Apache servers and related.

    - .der , This format is used for Java Platforms.

    - .p7b , This format is used for Microsoft Windows and Java Tomcat.

    - .pfx , This format is used for Windows machines

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OpenSSL Commands to Convert SSL Certificates on Your Machine

It is highly recommended that you convert to and from .pfx files on your own machine using OpenSSL so you can keep the private key there. Use the following OpenSSL commands to convert SSL certificate to different formats on your own machine:

OpenSSL Convert PEM

Convert PEM to DER

Convert PEM to P7B

Convert PEM to PFX

OpenSSL Convert DER

Convert DER to PEM

OpenSSL Convert P7B

Convert P7B to PEM

Convert P7B to PFX

OpenSSL Convert PFX

Convert PFX to PEM